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Love understands no language and no boundaries, says 'Nishabd' actor Abhinandan Singh

Actor Abhinandan Singh is a part of "Nishabd'', a series based on the LGBTQIA+ community. It has been produced and co-directed ...

Actor Abhinandan Singh is a part of "Nishabd'', a series based on the LGBTQIA+ community. It has been produced and co-directed by Mitu, a known content creator and founder of the YouTube channel Positive Thinkerz. The former feels that it's high time people start normalizing the conversations around same-sex.

He said, "Love understands no language and no boundaries, it's pure. It's the need of the hour that conversation around same-sex must start. The youngsters and millennials are speaking about it openly and taking appropriate stands. Shows like 'Nishabd' will make them ponder over it. It's going to set a benchmark."

Abhinandan shared that he was not apprehensive about being a part of the series, and said, "I was always keen on doing such characters which directly or indirectly revolves around this topic, especially when the storyline is pretty heartwarming, and we have producers like Mitu who dilutes your apprehensions."

Heaping praise on Mitu, he further said, "She is one of the coolest producers to work with as she diligently ensures that her cast and crew is in comfort and works very tightly on the script, direction, production, and everything. This helps the director and actors to bring out their best where the director is pretty much clear and gives us ample room to perform. Working with Positive Thinkerz enriches your skill. I had a great experience working with her."

With Pride Month going on, the actor feels there couldn't be a better time for such projects to go on-air. He said, "I wanted to work for the LGBTQIA+ community. When Mitu narrated the story which was going to be shot and released during the Pride Month, I couldn't help but say yes."

A generational shift in programming is happening with such series being made for TV. Abhinandan is happy to be a part of this new transition, and said, "Firsts are always special. If we are doing something for society or setting an example for generations to come, it's worth patting your back. We are proud to work for this community and looking forward to seeing how this comes across and how people of the same-sex react to it. I am sure people across the globe are going to shower love and they will love our characters and 'Nishabd'."

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