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Mayank Malik: From cricketer to actor

Did you know Team Delhi Titans player Mayank Malik was a state-level cricketer before he became an actor? Mayank says how amazing he feels...

Did you know Team Delhi Titans player Mayank Malik was a state-level cricketer before he became an actor?

Mayank says how amazing he feels to be a part of Actors Cricket Bash (ACB), founded by Dilip Agrawal. The actor is a part of Team Delhi Titans in the third season of the tournament that has the tagline, #ReelActorsRealCricket. This will be held between March 19 and March 22, in Air India Ground, Mumbai. Interestingly, not many know Mayank was a cricketer himself, much before he stepped into show business.

“I have played state-level cricket, so it's not something new for me. But at this stage of my career playing cricket in its original form is obviously a very exciting and thrilling feeling. Getting back on the ground and the smell of the turf all of these have been my fascination since my childhood. I am living my childhood dream with ACB that has always been very competitive when it comes to the players because actors are always very competitive (laughs),” he says

The actor feels cricket is a medium for many passionate people to express themselves right from childhood. “I'm talking from a very personal experience. I've been playing cricket for the past 25 years now. It's always been an expression of my own passion and to each, his own. Cricket is a religion in India and we all are very emotional and passionate about it,” he adds.

Mayank has already started his prep. “I'm trying to keep myself as fit as possible as this tournament is going to be very strenuous and competitive. I've to be healthy and fit to survive four days for back-to-back matches. There will be at least 2 or 3 matches a day,” he shares.

Mayank has always idolised Andrew Flintoff, the legend of the English cricket team. “I have always admired him and also bowl medium pace. Be it batting, fielding, or bowling, I really try to give my 110%. He is one of my all-time favourite all-rounders in the world. In today’s time, I really admire Ravindra Jadeja. The way he plays is phenomenal,” he adds.

The actor hopes that they are able to play the tournament with the actual audience watching them. Covid has disrupted everything, so he hopes for a good time ahead.

“Actors Cricket Bash does have the potential to do well and create a good platform for the future. I also hope that the next season would be at least a 15 or 20 over the game because this time it's really cut short. We actors are very passionate about games. A lot of us playing this game know it well. I really wish that this goes to another level and becomes as big as CCL (Celebrity Cricket League),” he says.

Praising Dilip, Mayank adds that calling him a one-man army is an understatement. “He is a battalion. I have had the pleasure to know him otherwise and the way he has managed everything was really impressive. The amount of experience Dilip sir has in sporting events is commendable. He is extremely professional. He is the right person to supervise and manage the whole event with utmost clarity. I wish him the greatest success and definitely a great future. ACB is going to be super successful,” he says.

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