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Have always been disciplined and well-mannered: Parull Chaudhry

Taking a trip down memory lane, Parull Chaudhry says she was an obedient and well-cultured girl during her growing up years, which she still...

Taking a trip down memory lane, Parull Chaudhry says she was an obedient and well-cultured girl during her growing up years, which she still is all thanks to her mother.

As a kid, Parull recalls she was very obedient and well-cultured, who loved playing both indoor and outdoor games.  

“I was not the kid who had tantrums or who was difficult. Everyone around me used to bully me. I was that sincere, simple kid. Also, I used to like outdoor games like hide-and-seek, kho kho, badminton, there are times when I would play board games, carrom, snakes and ladders, ludo,” she shares.  Parull, who was extremely attached to her mother (Pls mention the name and check if she was a housewife or what) says she was super strict while her father (name and profession) was comparatively very chilled. She credits her mother for instilling the disciplinary life that she has been leading.

“My dad is always busy with his work so we hardly saw him. All the good manners that people say I have I think everything I got because of my mom’s strict nature so she was very particular about everything from how we sat to ate, etc,” she says.

Parull admits as a kid she didn’t like her mother because she was strict, however now as she looks back, she is only grateful to her. I have become so disciplined and well-mannered because of mom,” she adds. As a student, Parull says she was very obedient but wasn’t studious.

“There were certain subjects I didn’t like at all like history and civics. My favourite subjects were geography and science. All my teachers used to like me. If you tell me to play I will play the whole day and not study at all. As a student I did pretty ok,” she adds.

Talking about the craziest thing she has done during her school days to help your classmates, Parull says it would be giving a proxy for them.“…I guess the teacher did not realize that it was my voice so I think that is one of the craziest things that I recall now.”

The most embarrassing thing, Parull says, was that she was mistaken as a boy by girls in her school days. “I used to look like a boy as I used to have really short hair because my mother never allowed me to grow my hair. I had changed school and had gone to collect my books so all the girls of my new school were very excited that this cute boy was coming to our class. Once they realized I was a girl not a boy they had laughs,” she reminisces.  During her growing-up years, Parull says she wanted to do multiple things at different stages of her life, from becoming a doctor to a teacher and to being an air hostess.

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