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Sonu Nigam refutes rumours of joining politics after investing in political tech company

Singer Sonu Nigam has invested in  Amit B Wadhwani’s ‘Buffering Media’.  The famous singer has denied news reports joining any political par...

Singer Sonu Nigam has invested in Amit B Wadhwani’s ‘Buffering Media’. The famous singer has denied news reports joining any political party, saying he has only invested in digital technology company 'Buffering' that focuses on political accounts and has no inclination to be a politician. "I have friends across all parties, doesn't mean I have aspirations"!

Nigam has reportedly invested Rs 6 crores in 'Buffering' founded by entrepreneur Amit B Wadhwani, Manoj Motiani & Darshani Khatri in 2019.  The singer was seen over the last 2 months at charity events of multiple politicians across India and there are reports coming in of him meeting with party leaderships of two national parties in the country. 

Nigam says, "The media has been focusing on news, more from an entertainment aspect. I do not have any political ambitions neither am I joining any political party. I appreciate the reach of technology and hence have only invested in this tech company that amplifies political personalities".

Wadhwani says, "We confirm having received investments from Sonu Nigam ji & Arvog Ventures India in June 2021". The fresh round of funds will be utilised to on-board the next set of 75 political leaders, beefing up of technology and strengthening the research teams across Mumbai and Delhi.


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