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Natunpara Young Star Club with Metro Pharma distributes 400 Covid 19 kits to underprivileged in Belgachia

Kolkata-based Natunpara Young Star Club in association with Metro Pharma distributed 400 Covid-19 kits to the underprivileged people of Belg...

Kolkata-based Natunpara Young Star Club in association with Metro Pharma distributed 400 Covid-19 kits to the underprivileged people of Belgachia locality. The kits were handed over by the club members to 400 families in the Natunpara locality of Belgachia. The kit contains hand sanitizer, N95 masks, Dettol antiseptic bottle, ORS liquid and ORS sachets. The kit has been provided by one of the leading medicine chains of Kolkata, Metro Pharma. The company has extended its helping hand by providing the Covid-19 kits free of cost.

Aftab Khan, a member of Natunpara Young Star Club said “The government plays a critical role in implementing Covid protocols and bring down the number to the lowest. The role of the government is to maximise testing and bring the Covid positive patients under treatment. However, we must not expect the government to deliver a solution single-handedly. Our objective is to reach out to the needy people to create awareness about the disease and help them with the basic covid kit so that they can take the preventive health and hygiene measures. We, at Natunpara Young Star Club, not motivated by religious manifestations but on purely humanitarian grounds, stand committed towards lending our hands to support our brothers in any form we can. We have a good mix of families from different religions and we participate in all the festivals together. This makes us unique and the bond within our society is very strong and we hope to stand by each other during the pandemic crisis”.

Debashish Panda, manager, Metro Pharma, added, “The spread of the 2nd Covid wave has witnessed an exponential growth in cases. India is currently facing a very challenging crisis which has affected human mankind across the country. As a responsible company, Metro Pharma has acknowledged the need of the hour and has joined hands with the club to provide free Covid kits to the underprivileged people of the area. This Covid kit will help the people to ensure all the necessary precautionary measures to combat the spread of Covid.” Sonjoy Das, managers, Metro Pharma, added, “Notunpara Young Star Club is doing phenomenal work by standing beside people of all communities and we, at Metro Pharma, felt that we should join hands with them and lend them support to further bolster their efforts.”

The club has organised an extensive educational training to highlight the importance of social distancing, good hygiene practices among others for the resident population with the support of a robust team of 60 club members around the Belgachia locality. Sanitization across all public locations as well as the implementation of in-house programmes that lay emphasis on the availability of clean water, air (well-ventilated houses), good standards of hygiene and sanitation, and the importance of masking are being conducted on war footing by the club members. The club took the same kind of initiative last year where they had provided ration during the absolute lockdown of the nation. The club also organises blood donation camps at least once a year.

The whole purpose behind the distribution of medical essentials is not just to spread awareness or instil good hygiene protocols but also to create solidarity amongst different religions, castes and creeds to stay together during stressful times and support each other rising above polarization and coming together to help those in need during the pandemic.


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