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Food start-up goes virtual

Kolkata: Bengal Caterers Club (BCC), a food start-up, recently launched a digital domain to bring an organized and structured setup in a hig...

Kolkata: Bengal Caterers Club (BCC), a food start-up, recently launched a digital domain to bring an organized and structured setup in a highly volatile, unorganized and disrupted sector, catering business, trying to open up a completely new market for caterers in Bengal. Social entrepreneur Robin Ghosh said, “The catering business shall transform in the near future realizing the economics of mutual benefits (EOM) for customers looking for catering services and caterers to receive leads for enhancing their business. Bengal Caterers Club (BCC) is an online community e-Club for caterers and customers. It provides a direct B2C interface with the unique feature of the domain being the tender section of the website where the caterers can bid directly to the customer and convert the leads into business.

He further added, the portal shall give access to direct connection between buyers and sellers, access to tenders by clients building the brand of the caterers through display and classified advertisements with facilities as graphic and video animation.”
Ghosh said “ The estimated size of the catering industry is about Rs 15,000-20,000 crore in India with an approximate annual growth of 25-30% and the nature of the catering business through disruption shall transform itself as younger clients would be using digital space to source caterers. We are keeping membership open to the club and we plan to organize free workshops, seminars, webinars, knowledge sharing sessions, virtual catering exhibitions and brand conclaves in future. It will be a one-stop portal for marketing, branding collaterals and sales promotion materials. The present pandemic is actually enabling the industry to restructure itself and develop potential new areas of growth.”

The caterers now have a wider choice of supply chain, variety of inputs from wider geographical area, affordable price line and home delivery of resources, while on the demand side, online marketing enables pinpointed delivery of catering services as per customers’ menu and budget.
Moreover, in a pre-digital marketing world, a business could only create marketing collateral and then hope for the best. Intervention was only possible, if a sales person was there to engage with a potential customer directly.
BCC has created an e-commerce marketplace where caterers can now personalize content to individual customers as per their demand and choice.


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