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Kolkata startup focuses on making unique educational games

Kolkata, March 26:  A Kolkata-based startup, Funcell Games Private Limited, announced the launch of four new mobile games recently. The comp...

Kolkata, March 26: A Kolkata-based startup, Funcell Games Private Limited, announced the launch of four new mobile games recently. The company which has its headquarters in Ahmedabad has become one of the most successful mobile games developers in the world. It makes mostly learning based mobile games focusing on innovation and creativity. The games cater to people of all age groups.

 The new games launched are Idle Home, Milk Inc, Idle Evolution and Idle Baby Miner. With the launch of these games, Funcell Games aims to create the most personalized and innovative user experiences and take gaming industry to a new height. It is also set to bridge the gap between users and learning games. The games will be available for both Apple and Android users.

Funcell Games which started in 2016 has eight mega hit games having 200 million downloads across all published games so far. It has around 1million daily actives users worldwide of which around 5 million of those 200 million users are in India.

The Publishing Partners of Funcell Games Pvt. Ltd. are Homa Games, France; Lion Studios (Applovin) US; Green Panda Games (Ubisoft), France; and Moonee Publishing, Israel. These partners are publishers of the games who also promote the games worldwide with focus on US, Europe and Australia.

 The company’s flagship, Idle Human was ranked No 1 in US, UK, Australia, Canada amongst all the apps and games of the world for seven consecutive days in August 2019 and still has 20000 downloads every day. The latest launch of the company – ‘9 Months’ has been a worldwide rage too, with 15 million downloads in just 3 month and has 100k downloads every day.

 Funcell Games Pvt. Ltd. is all set to start publishing its own games very soon, and is also planning to increase its employee strength to 100. The company also plans to list on London Stock Exchange during the next fiscal.

 Abhishek Malpani, founder, Funcell Games Pvt. Ltd. said, ‘Gaming has just started taking off, with India serving as developing platform for the larger companies for Europe and US. I would suggest every young generation member to learn game coding and come up with a unique idea and launch games on their own. This industry has got one of the brightest future amongst all the industries worldwide. It is the future of learning yet gaming experiences in the country as well as globally.”

“With the Indian government’s strategic decision to ban Chinese apps, it is now upon us, the home-grown players to create and transform new gaming tools. It is the right time for the gaming industry to take their engagement with users a notch higher. At Funcell Games, we aim to significantly improve gaming experiences,” Malpani added.

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